• Draw Bezier and B-spline curve by HTML5 and Javascript
  • Solar System base on WebGL
    Solar System base on WebGL
  • SSIM vs PSNR
  • How to make jQuery validation engine works well for select2()
    How to make jQuery validation engine works well for select2()
  • Gallery thumb fan spin effect with CSS and jQuery
  • Gallery thumb item hover effect with css

Molecule to atoms


Here is a interested algorithm question on codewars site. For a given chemical formula represented by a string, count the number of atoms of each element contained in the molecule and return an object. For example: water = ‘H2O’ parse_molecule(water)

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Performance on sum of many ints by Python


There is a such question  at codewars(http://www.codewars.com) site. Write a function to do calculation according below formula: for i from 1 to n, do i % m and return this sum for example: f(n=10,m=5) //return 20 (1+2+3+5+0+1+2+3+4+0) actually it is

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Customize form validation by using jQuery validation plugin


Sometime form validation is trouble thing for building front page, in this article briefing a method which allow us to customize the validation by adding ourselves’ rule.

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Tooltip by pure CSS


::after and ::before are very useful notation in CSS for showing content or supporting layout. We can set some content for “content” property in css for ::after or ::before notation,  for example:

Is there any way to set dynamic

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Retrieve public page content from Facebook without user login


Abstract Facebook upgraded it’s API, cause some issue on our social micro page in our company. The public page content can not be retrieved anymore without creating an application, and I have to spend one day to look through the

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How to find the ghost ball position in billiard game


It’s very important to find the position of ghost ball in billiard game, in this example showing how to use ray to find correct position for ghost ball in Unity3D development.

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Game Trailer of AVIATOR

game trailer

Unity 3D + After Effect + Windows Live Movie Maker

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Draw Bezier and B-spline curve with HTML5 + Javascript

Draw Bezier and B-spline curve by HTML5 and Javascript

This is a online tool for drawing Bezier and B-spline curve. Main technologies used in this tool are HTML5, Javascript and Paper.js which one is a great framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas.

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Timeline of human evolution

Hall of Human Origins

3900 Ma Prokaryotes Cell This marks the first appearance of photosynthesis and therefore the first occurrence of large quantities of oxygen on the earth. Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms that are the earliest and most primitive forms of life on earth.

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Algorithm in C# : Write a C# program to sort a array using Bubble Sort algorithm


Bubble sort is one of the simplest sorting algorithm but if you ask anyone to implement on the spot it gives you an opportunity to gauge programming skills of a candidate. Let us take the array of numbers “5 1

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