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Begin the Solar System project based on WebGL with three.js


Three.js is a great library, there are a lot of excellent examples in its site. I decide to begin learning this library and created a simple earth-moon system, I want to improve it into bigger and bigger, finally, hope it become a whole Solar System.

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Create Web 2.0 Button without background image


To create web 2.0 button with pure css code instead of background image

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Rendering a Christmas Tree by one DIV


Christmas is coming, how about rendering a Christmas tree by only ONE div with CSS?

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Paint flash neon light in dark by CSS3 & jQuery


box-shadow in CSS3 is a very useful feature, can do some very nice UI effect for webpage. In this demo that I did user can click anywhere to create a flashing neon light, more and more neon lights in the dark like bustling street in camera lens which lost focus.

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Show my run in 3D video by google map


This is a 13.95 km Run in Singapore. The Run has a total ascent of 45.0 m and has a maximum elevation of 41.0 m. This map was created by wangweiqiang on 11/05/2012

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Build simple game interaction by HTML5 base on KineticJS JavaScript Library


HTML5 is powerful on web game, in this article we will create a page include simple interaction which is controlling the catoon man to walk up,down,right and left by arrow key.

First, we need to load a javascript library named “KineticJS”, it’s very strong framework for HTML5 canvas interaction. You can get it from

Code as below …

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Hello world, hello new technology


Welcome, this is my tech blog about web development technology includes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ASP.Net, C#, SQL …

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