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Game Trailer of AVIATOR

game trailer

Unity 3D + After Effect + Windows Live Movie Maker

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Draw Bezier and B-spline curve with HTML5 + Javascript

Draw Bezier and B-spline curve by HTML5 and Javascript

This is a online tool for drawing Bezier and B-spline curve. Main technologies used in this tool are HTML5, Javascript and Paper.js which one is a great framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas.

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Glass by blender

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My first 3D short movie for my assignment in NTU

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Build an OpenGL mesh viewer with glut(2)-Load M file into half-edge data structure


In this project, we focus on triangle mesh model which its data is stored into M file.  The format of M file is very simple, it contains two parts, one is for “vertex”, another part is for “face”.


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Build an OpenGL mesh viewer with glut(1)-Setup development environment


For this project development, we use Glut to build the interface which provide the UI such as window, menu and mouse/key interaction, as a beginner, Glut is good choice, because it is easy to use and do not need spend

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