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Is there a way to edit regular express in visual tool?


There is a great tool for programmer to understand regular express named regexper. It’s very useful for us to understand the logic of complex regular express.

I’m thinking that if there is any way to build a backward tool, and it is WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)?

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Begin the Solar System project based on WebGL with three.js


Three.js is a great library, there are a lot of excellent examples in its site. I decide to begin learning this library and created a simple earth-moon system, I want to improve it into bigger and bigger, finally, hope it become a whole Solar System.

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Paint flash neon light in dark by CSS3 & jQuery


box-shadow in CSS3 is a very useful feature, can do some very nice UI effect for webpage. In this demo that I did user can click anywhere to create a flashing neon light, more and more neon lights in the dark like bustling street in camera lens which lost focus.

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Build simple game interaction by HTML5 base on KineticJS JavaScript Library


HTML5 is powerful on web game, in this article we will create a page include simple interaction which is controlling the catoon man to walk up,down,right and left by arrow key.

First, we need to load a javascript library named “KineticJS”, it’s very strong framework for HTML5 canvas interaction. You can get it from

Code as below …

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