Is there a way to edit regular express in visual tool?

There is a great tool for programmer to understand regular express named regexper. It’s very useful for us to understand the logic of complex regular express.

I’m thinking that if there is any way to build a backward tool, and it is WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)?

The illustration of regexper is base on SVG, maybe we can build a such tool also base on SVG, by dragging and dropping some elements or components in a page, and show regular express out.

SVG is a very mature technology for showing complexor graphic on webpage, and we can find a Javascript library named jQuery SVG to make drawing or control svg element very easy.

After several days research, it seems that it’s not difficult to implement Creating, Dragging, Dropping components on webpage as below.



But, if you want to make the the interaction is very comfortable, that will be a very big problem, anyway will continue to try go ahead at this development.


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