Anticorruption Activist Sentenced to More Than 6 Years in Prison


Two years ago, Liu Ping, one of three anticorruption activists sentenced on Thursday to prison terms of up to six and a half years, said she wanted to change China “one vote at a time.”

Liu Ping, in 2010.
Liao Minyue, via Associated PressLiu Ping, in 2010.

Ms. Liu, now 49, spoke those words in an interview in Beijing, a year after running unsuccessfully for a seat in the local People’s Congress in her hometown of Xinyu, Jiangxi Province. Local corruption and injustice were overwhelming, she said, as she took her candidacy for a position bestowed on those who enjoy the blessing of the Communist Party — which Ms. Liu did not — to the streets, with a megaphone.

She stood on bridges and in parks. She drew crowds. And she attracted national attention, spawning other candidacies. Virtually all were defeated.

For that and other similar activism, Ms. Liu, a retired steel factory worker, was harassedkidnapped and then beaten in detention by officials, she said, in accounts corroborated by friends and human rights groups.

Next she turned her attention to the New Citizens Movement, a nationwide campaign loosely led by the activists Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi to get officials to disclose their assets. Ms. Liu asked people to sign up in Skype messages, her preferred form of communication. Mr. Xu and Mr. Ding were imprisoned this year.

Finally, she was detained in April last year, after having a lunch with like-minded friends at her home and then appearing with them while holding up a banner calling on officials to disclose their assets. Photographs of the banner, as well as calls for prisoners of conscience to be released, were distributed on the Internet, her lawyer, Si Weijiang, said in a statement to the Yushu District People’s Court in Xinyu.

On Thursday the court issued verdicts finding Ms. Liu and two fellow activists, Wei Zhongping and Li Sihua, guilty of “provoking quarrels and stirring up trouble.” Ms. Liu and Mr. Wei were also found guilty of “gathering a crowd to disrupt public order” and “using an evil cult to undermine law enforcement.” They were sentenced to six and a half years in prison, while Mr. Li was given a three-year sentence.

Afterward, Zhou Ze, the only defense lawyer of about half a dozen involved in the case who was able to attend the sentencing due to the very short notice given by the court, said: “The sentences were unjust.”

Mr. Zhou spoke hurriedly by telephone from Xinyu, adding that it was “not convenient to talk,” often a signal that a person is under surveillance.

Few of the defendants’ relatives had been admitted to the court to hear the sentencing, Mr. Zhou said. “The courtroom was full of people. I don’t know who they were. Probably court employees.”

Human rights advocates have accused China’s courts of denying access to relatives and supporters of defendants in rights trials, and packing courtrooms with officials instead.

In a statement, the New Citizens Movement, which still has a website even though most of its leaders are now in prison, called the sentences “heavy.”

“This is crazed and shameless retaliation that has nothing to do with the legal system or the law,” it said. “It is not only retaliation against Liu Ping, Wei Zhongping and Li Sihua, but a retaliation against and dishonoring of citizens’ rights.”

It concluded, “History will remember all this. The day will come. The shameful ones will be ashamed of themselves. Our beliefs are unbending.

Adding to concerns for the well-being of the detainees, Ms. Liu was taken into custody just weeks after an operation to remove gallstones that left her weakened. Her daughter, Liao Minyue, 21, a university student majoring in finance, said after the trial of the three ended in December that her mother looked thinner and “sallow.”

On Thursday Ms. Liao said by telephone of the sentencing, “I think it’s ridiculous. I’m so angry I don’t even know what to say.”

Repeated calls for comment to the Xinyu court, to a number that worked on Wednesday, were met by a message: “Sorry, the number you dialed is not reachable.”

Ms. Liao said she had been told she would not be permitted to attend the sentencing, as had Ms. Liu’s mother. In the end, Ms. Liao stayed at her university.

“Outside the courtroom hooligans are everywhere, to keep us out,” she said, “though my mother’s brother did go.”

She said she did not know yet if her mother would appeal the sentence.

“What this court has done is so illegal I’m not sure there’s any point,” she said. “But we haven’t made up our minds yet. We’re reserving a decision.”

Since coming to power, President Xi Jinping has started a highly publicized campaign to defeat corruption, but his administration has also seen an unusually hard crackdown on rights activists, including anticorruption campaigners.

“The sentences seem harsh,” Renee Xia of Chinese Human Rights Defenders, an advocacy group, said in an email. “This seems to indicate that Xi Jinping is showing that he is not bowing to international pressure despite the strong denouncement of Xu Zhiyong’s four-year sentence.”

“Of course,” Ms. Xia added, “this escalation of persecution against the anticorruption activists raises further doubt about Xi Jinping’s sincerity in taking on corrupt officials.”

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Glass by blender


untitled untitled1 untitled2 untitled4


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How to download the data from EasyUI grid into excel?




EasyUI is a good jQuery plugin for web application user interface,  especially for showing data in grid format.

Sometime, we need to add a download link under data grid table like above picture, so that user can easily download the data into excel, but EasyUI does not provide such function.

Let’s try to give the solution.

First, add a download link.

” tableid” is the dom element id which be used in initial a EasyUI grid like blow:

next step is to add our download excel code and bind the function onto the download link.


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My first 3D short movie for my assignment in NTU


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Style your content into clear and easy for reading




How to make the content to be read easily and comfortable is very important. In order to do this, you have to think about several essentials like line height, color, font, font size and typography.

In this article, we create one page for showing some content of a novel (The old man and the sea).

There are four sections consisted in this page:

1. Novel name

2. Author name

3. Interior paragraphs

4.Page number

First of all is to choose font for Novel name, Author name and  interior paragraphs, sometime the font in local machine can not match our request, we have to choose web font from third site such as google font.

Here, we choose 3 fonts from google font site, and it also is very easy to implement into our page, we can use css import function to include those fonts:

@import url(|Belgrano|Montserrat+Alternates|Alike+Angular|Belgrano);

Use the decorated letter font “UnifrakturMaguntia” for novel name, set it’s font size as 2.5em, and add shadow for it so that it looks more elegant.

text-shadow:0 0 2px #000,0 0 8px #999;

and meanwhile make the novel name alight to center.

The second line is author name, its format is “by xxxx”, in order to make the author name stand out, we can reduce the font size of “by” and make it vertical align to super at top, and we also need to choose a special font for it.

h2 span{

for interior paragraph content we choose “Belgrano” as font, and font size as 1.1em.


In novel book, often make the first letter of every chapter into large as the start point.
article p:first-of-type:first-letter{


See the Pen Style content with real book look by Wang Weiqiang (@WangWeiqiang) on CodePen.


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A simple online canvas base on HTML5





This is not a completed application, still in development. Main technologies are HTML5, Javascript and css. I used local storage technology of HTML5 for online data storage, so it only support modern browser.

There are some tools can be used for painting:  pencil, ink pen, eraser, color board, background library, tool box (still in development), etc.


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Gallery thumb fan spin effect with CSS and jQuery

Gallery thumb fan spin effect with CSS and jQuery



The gallery thumb items are  collapsed at backside of front cover(one of thumb item).

Once mouse over on the front cover, the items will be expended like below:



Can click the right or left arrow to slide item around the front cover, and click the close button to collapse them again.

below is the html code:

The html code is very simple, just ul, li with background image.

use below css code to layout those elements:

If we want to make the “fan” area dynamic in size, need some javascript code to handle them:

In above code we defined the “fan” area size(width & height) according the  size of item(li), and posited the front cover at middle bottom of “fan” area.

Next, we need to add left, right and close buttons on front cover by javascript:

We use svg element to draw those buttons, and define those style in css:

Now, we can start the code for click event on those buttons, before this, we need to add mouse enter event on front cover, so that can expend items for sliding.

we use an array to store position data for five item around front cover.

Now, define a function named Transform():

Register event to left, right and close buttons:

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Gallery thumb item hover effect with css

Gallery thumb item hover effect with css


See the Pen Thumb hover effect with css by Wang Weiqiang (@WangWeiqiang) on CodePen


Html code:

CSS code:


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How to do a swing lantern with pure css




Source code can be found in codepen stie:


Html code:

CSS code:


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Some cool css techniques with demo




A tutorial about how to create a swatch book like component that let’s you open and rotate the single swatches revealing some details. We will be using CSS transforms and transitions and create a simple jQuery plugin.

Tutorial | Demo




A tutorial about creating a simple grid overlay with subtle transitions for an app showcase.

Tutorial | Demo




A simple and fun text opening sequence effect with blurry letters using CSS animations.

Tutorial | Demo




Some inspiration for loading effects of grid items using CSS animations.

Tutorial | Demo




A tutorial on how to create an interesting animated 3D opening type effect with pseudo-elements, CSS transforms and transitions. The idea is based on Edenspiekermann’s Open Type project and it’s a very creative way to display and play with letters.

Tutorial | Demo




A tutorial on how to create a off-canvas icon navigation with an animated border effect. The menu effect is inspired by CreativeDash’s bounce menu for mobile apps.

Tutorial | Demo

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