Update on solar system

Solar System base on WebGL

Added control panel for seeking object and controlling track line show or hide.



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Create beautiful input box by css, no background image


Css is enough powerful to do decoration for input box, and we don’t need any background image any more.

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Boxi in Singapore at 2012

Boxi arrived in Singapore at 2012 August, and I’m glad he had enjoyed the life in Singapore include his kid garden.


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A Linq Error: The null value cannot be assigned to a member with type System.Boolean which is a non-nullable value type.


Take over a project in half way, it’s base on asp.net MVC and use LinQ for data access layer.

When I try to add a new function in one class, and use LinQ to get one row data from a table, get below error:

The null value cannot be assigned to a member with type System.Boolean which is a non-nullable value type.

the LinQ is very simple:

When I go to the class found that one property is bool type from one column of table, but no exception control if the data is null, and in dbml schema layer it was defined as Bit NOT NULL for Server Data Type. That mean someone changed the table after this project was built.

Solution is change Nullable from False to True, save and build the project again.



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Featured projects base on three.js


Never Seen The Sky

URL: http://christmasexperiments.com/23/

It’s a very nice project based on three.js, the polar lights pulse by following music rhythm, and the camera fly over the earth surface in different angle of view. The broad starlit sky and mountain looks  very beautiful with colorful polar lights.




+360º – Car Visualizer


It’s a very complex 3D Multi-perspective rendering demo, user can change color, car model by controller, and the 3D modeling of car also is very meticulous.




100,100 Stars


This is a  excellent astronomy demo application based on three.js.

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New look and feel


Did some customized look and feel base on this theme today.

  1. Added logo, one pencil and 2 rulers in the logo, like a html close tag </>
  2. Make the top navigation bar more sexy
  3. Enlarge the main highlight into full width
  4. Split article section into clear sections and make the layout nicer


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Is there a way to edit regular express in visual tool?


There is a great tool for programmer to understand regular express named regexper. It’s very useful for us to understand the logic of complex regular express.

I’m thinking that if there is any way to build a backward tool, and it is WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)?

The illustration of regexper is base on SVG, maybe we can build a such tool also base on SVG, by dragging and dropping some elements or components in a page, and show regular express out.

SVG is a very mature technology for showing complexor graphic on webpage, and we can find a Javascript library named jQuery SVG to make drawing or control svg element very easy.

After several days research, it seems that it’s not difficult to implement Creating, Dragging, Dropping components on webpage as below.



But, if you want to make the the interaction is very comfortable, that will be a very big problem, anyway will continue to try go ahead at this development.


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Regexper.com – Help you to understand regular express


Do you want to quick accurate understand its logic when you facing a regular express? I think this is important thing for all developer’s, regexper.com can help you now!!!


In this site, what you need to do is just paste a regular express into a form and enter, the logic of regular express will be drawn in a clear illustration, it’s very very clear like blow:



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Editor problem after upgrade to wordpress 3.5


I got very strange problem once upgraded wordpress into version 3.5, on post form, the editor does not work on both Visual and Text mode, there are some javascript error.

Also can not edit old article, the content will be shown in html code in textarea box.

Do some research from google, found a lot of people have same problem after they upgrade their wordpress onto 3.5.

Someone said need to reinstall wordpress manually instead of auto-upgrade,  but the change is big and very troublesome.

Until I found a easy method, that’s very helpful.

just insert below code into wp-config.php

define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true);

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Begin the Solar System project based on WebGL with three.js


GitHub: https://github.com/WangWeiqiang/solarsystem


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